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Why should you take a DNA test?

Your inherited DNA and lifestyle form 70% of your wellbeing. You can’t change your genes, but you can change your lifestyle if you put your mind to it.

Our DNA tests help you to better understand your genome and yourself in general. Each of us has a genome with its own individual strengths and weaknesses. With daily choices you can overcome the weaknesses and support the function of your good genes.

Criteria for the contents of the Nordic Genex gene panels

In order to give you the best recommendations, we analyze single nucleotide polymorfism (SNPs) known as "snips" - and copy-number variations (CNVs) of genes.  The "snips" and CNVs that we analyze, have been scientifically shown to either directly or indirectly affect specific biological processes, have an effect on body functionality, or increase the risk of one or more diseases.  In addition, we identify SNPs and CNVs of genes with yet unknown mechanism of action, but  which have been scientifically proven to have an effect on a specific trait or traits, or one or more diseases.

Futhermore, we analyze SNPs and CNVs of genes, which are relatively common or less common in population and they have scientifically proven effect on body functions and wellbeing. The effects of them can be affected by changes in one's lifestyle and/or nutrition which can also be measured with laboratory tests.

In addition to genetic testing, we recommend clinical blood tests to help you monitor the development of your health as you make changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise. As a result of our analysis, you will receive concrete recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and exercise that support your wellbeing. For our basic tests you can choose from numerous add-ons that you can use to complete the test report to meet your very own needs. From the add-on tests you will find information about your fat and sugar metabolism, drug responses and immunity just some to mention.

If you are an athlete or active sportsman, you will get valuable information how to develop your performance and training.

We conduct our analysis only in international laboratories and all our recommendations are based on international scientific researches and professional experience and work of our team of scientists. All information related to genetic testing is stored securely without any access to third parties in our databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical security measures.

DNA Wellbeing tests

Our DNA Wellbeing tests cover from your genome the most important areas, which relate to overall health. The test results provide a unique and comprehensive health profile including recommendations for nutrition, nutritional supplements and lifestyle. And best of all, you can take a DNA test in any life situation but you don't have to take the test again because your genes do not change.

Wellbeing tests

DNA Add-on tests

You can take add-on tests to DNA Health and Hormone and DNA Skin health tests. With these add-on DNA tests you can easily complement your DNA tests, if you lack some specific information you are interested in.

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Targeted training using genetic information

If you are an athlete or an active sports enthusiast, the Sport Pro DNA test will help you with nutrition, supplements and exercise. This DNA test, designed for athletes and active sports enthusiasts, reviews genetic risk factors, performance and potential, metabolism, and motivational factors.

You will receive a clear and practical report with analysis and recommendations on which type of training will give you the best training response. The report also includes optimal nutrition and supplement recommendations for your own genetic heritage. However, if you are a professional athlete and aim for the top, then we recommend our DNA Health and Hormones test with DNA-Fat and Sugar Metabolism and APOE supplements.

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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Keeper of the Register

Nordic Genex Oy (Y-tunnus 2821643-6)
Henceforth referred to as Company

Person in Charge of Privacy Protection and/or Contact Person

Annika Kalvia
0400 538 833

Name of the Person Register

Nordic Genex Oy person and marketing register

Gathered Personal Data

We gather personal data necessary for managing customer relations, such as the customer’s name and contact information as well as user information from our service. We gather personal data from the registered person himself as well as from other publicly-available registers maintained by public officials and other outside sources such as the Finnish Trade Register or other similar public business registers. Furthermore, we gather the information that is filled out in contact forms and use them in the aforementioned maintaining of customer relations.

The Use of Personal Data and the Basis for Processing it

Personal data is processed in accordance with laws currently in force to test web services, manage customer relations, inform about services and offer guidance. We may use the data of the registered person to collect and analyse user statistics. Gathered data is also used for marketing communications. Use of personal data for marketing communications is based on approval given by the person in a contact form. Direct marketing is halted at the customer’s request. A person may revoke the approval he has given at any time by contacting the aforementioned contact person. Processing of personal data may be necessary based on the legitimate interests of the customer relationship between the Company and the registered person. The Company has a legitimate interest to process personal data for marketing, service and customer analyses and for the testing of the service. Profiling may also be used for marketing. In this case, the registered person has a right to oppose the processing of personal data.

Access to Personal Data

Access to personal data is only granted to persons responsible for handling customer relations and marketing.

Disclosure of Information

Personal data is not disclosed to third parties and not transferred outside of the European Union or European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the fulfilment of the service for technical reasons. If data is disclosed or transferred, the level of data protection required by data protection legislation and other necessary security measures are complied with.


Cookies and other similar methods are used on our website. A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the user’s data terminal equipment. Cookies include a nameless personal identifier with which we can recognise and calculate the different browsers that access our website. Cookies and other similar methods are used to analyse and develop our services to better serve our users and to target advertising. Users can prevent the use of cookies or empty them in browser settings.

Register protection

We protect personal data with appropriate technical and organisational methods. Data is gathered into databases that are protected with firewalls, passwords and other technical data security methods. Databases and their backup copies are located in locked and guarded spaces and access to the data is only available to specific predetermined persons.

Retention Period and Deletion of Personal Data

Personal Data are stored for as long as they are needed for the use for which they were gathered and processed, or until the contract is fulfilled or for as long as the law and regulations require. After this, personal data are deleted appropriately.

The Rights of Registered Persons

Registered persons have the following rights:

  1. The registered person can gain access to personal data about him by asking within the limits of trade secrets and internal estimations. The request shall be sent to the aforementioned contact person in writing and signed, and the person in question must identify themselves in a reliable manner.
  2. The registered person can ask for his data to be corrected if they are inadequate or incorrect.
  3. The registered person can ask for his data to be erased when there is no reason within data protection legislation that is irrespective of the approval the registered person to process them.
  4. The registered person has a right to limit the use of his personal data if the validity or legality of the data requires it or if the registered person requests to limit the processing of his personal data only to the storage of the data in accordance with the right of objection.
  5. The registered person has the right to oppose the processing of his data for direct marketing purposes based on the Company’s legitimate interest.
  6. The registered person can ask for his data to be transferred to another keeper of a register if it is safe and technologically possible.
  7. The registered person shall send requests related to his rights in writing or by email to the following address:

Nordic Genex Oy
Request for inspection/related to personal data

The Company will answer requests within one month of the request being presented unless there is a specific reason to lengthen the response time.

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